1. sergio commented

    Hi. All work fine on rhytmbox ( surely you already knew) . I was looking to know the less_size to use in images to produce the better_quality to reproduce in my ipod. Your post was very useful. Thank you

  2. Muhammad Amin commented

    Hi there,

    Is there any way to add a single image for all my mp3 files. I mean the bulk operation i.e to add the same image for all my mp3 at once.

    Please reply and thanks in advance.

    • commented

      Hi Muhammad, If you use a tag editor like MP3TAG you should be able to select all of the MP3 files you want, drag your artwork in and save to all the selected files in one operation.

  3. AMM commented

    Hi Richard, although its more than 4 years old i see you active. Could you share how you embedded 19 images in one track?

    • commented

      Hi, You’ll need to use a tagging tool like Mp3tag to embed the album art for each of the individual artwork tag types. For Mp3tag you can right click on the cover art box and “Add cover…” then “Set cover type” and repeat the process for as many cover types as you want. Hope this helps.

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