The Internet Monthly: April 2012

The Internet Monthly Podcast After a short break of a few months due to ill health, the monthly podcast returns hosted by a new narrator; Moira Healy. The Internet Monthly is a podcast featuring 10 or so short Internet related articles, tips and tricks and a regular search engine of the month feature.

In this month’s issue you can learn about Pi, piems and pie in the sky, flash mobs that go shopping and visiting Barcelona to watch your favourite old programmes from the BBC.

You can also hear about  the Web sites due to be penalised by Google, better keyword research tools offered free at Bing and the new search engine with translation covering 24 languages.

This podcast is derived from a monthly newsletter published by Zen Internet and recorded and produced by Silicon Bay. The podcast is reproduced by kind permission of Zen Internet.

This Month’s Podcast

The Internet Monthly – April 2012:


Or, download: podcast_apr12.mp3 [10’ 47”, 5MB]

This Month’s Articles

This month’s edition of The Internet Monthly podcast contains the following articles. A list of links associated with each article are included for reference:

  1. CROWDS THAT SHOP– Flash mobs with cash supporting local businesses
  2. DOWNLOADS FOR A FEE FROM THE BBC– Download BBC archive content for a small fee
  3. ONE-STOP MEDIA PLAYER– A free media player that plays most formats
  4. HD VIDEO SPECS– Sunglasses incorporating a tiny video camera
  5. BEARING FRUIT IN THE CLASSROOM– A tiny computer for a tiny price
  6. PI IN THE SKY– Web servers planned in the sky
  7. IRRATIONAL SLICES– Mathematical Pi celebrates with its own day
  8. OPTIMISED SITE PENALTIES– Google to penalize over optimized websites
  9. KEYWORD RESEARCH– Microsoft Bing offers enhanced keyword research
  10. MOUNTING MINUSES AT GOOGLE PLUS– Less visitors to Google +
  11. SEARCH ENGINE OF THE MONTH– Search engine for phrases

Zen Internet logo This podcast is sponsored and reproduced by kind permission of Zen Internet Limited. The music on the podcast was provided courtesy of Will Tang.

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    Good information here. I love how anything can be googled, and there’s the information!

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