The Internet Monthly: August 2012

The Internet Monthly PodcastThe Internet Monthly is a monthly podcast featuring 10 or so short Internet related articles, tips and tricks and a regular search engine of the month feature.

In this month’s issue you can find out about the Hadron Collider saying au revoir to Les Horribles Cernettes; London by flight with maps in the third dimension and a whole new level of getting away from it all and where to find the world’s most remote place.

You can also discover house building on-line with Lego in the land of Oz and how to have Windows XP apparently back in charge of your phone.

This podcast is derived from a monthly newsletter published by Zen Internet and recorded and produced by Silicon Bay. The podcast is reproduced by kind permission of Zen Internet.

This Month’s Podcast

The Internet Monthly – August 2012:


Or, download: podcast_aug12.mp3 [12’ 15”, 5.6MB]

This Month’s Articles

This month’s edition of The Internet Monthly podcast contains the following articles. A list of links associated with each article are included for reference:

  1. SWANSONG FOR CERN SINGERS – The first photo uploaded to the web
  2. MONARCHY UP WITH MEDIA TECHNOLOGY – Monarchy’s social media
  3. WINDOWS XP FOR YOUR PHONE – Make your phone look like Windows
  4. DOWN UNDER WITH LEGO – Build your own Lego house online
  5. THREE WEEKS FROM ANYWHERE – The World’s most remote place
  6. 3D MAPS APPS – Aerial city views for online maps
  7. BEAUTIFUL BACKLINKS – Google Fusion Tables aide data visualisation
  8. AS INTEL SEES YOU – GRAPHICALLY – Your own Social media infographic
  9. WHAT THE WEB DOES IN 60 SECONDS – How much data in 60 seconds?
  10. INFOGRAPHIC SHOWS SEO SURPRISES – World wide SEO statistics
  11. SEARCH ENGINE OF THE MONTH – Search for infographics

Zen Internet logo This podcast is sponsored and reproduced by kind permission of Zen Internet Limited. The music on the podcast was provided courtesy of Will Tang.

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