The Internet Monthly: January 2011

The Internet Monthly Podcast The Internet Monthly is a monthly podcast featuring 20 or so short Internet related articles, tips and tricks and a regular search engine of the month feature.

In this month’s issue you can find out about technology for the next time it snows, why April 11th 1954 became the 20th century’s most boring day and what Facebook knows about your NHS visits and how it helps Daily Mail popularity.

You can also learn how to stay at home, but search like a resident abroad and when to expect the Net’s last current address.

This podcast is derived from a monthly newsletter published by Zen Internet and recorded and produced by Silicon Bay. The podcast is reproduced by kind permission of Zen Internet.

This Month’s Podcast

The Internet Monthly – January 2011:

Or, download: podcast_jan11.mp3 [22’ 51”, 10.5MB]

This Month’s Articles

This month’s edition of The Internet Monthly podcast contains the following articles. A list of links associated with each article are included for reference:

  1. THE NEXT TIME IT SNOWS – Useful technology to help you when it snows
  2. CLIMATE CHANGE CHECKERS WANTED – Your PC to help climate studies
  3. NHS FACEBOOK DATA SHARE – NHS website data passed to Facebook
  4. FACEBOOK DISCONNECT – Stop your browser passing data to Facebook
  5. WATCHING YOU WATCHING ME – Goggle latitude comes to the iPhone
  6. INTERNET EYES – Earn money by monitoring CCTV footage
  7. STREET VIEW VANDALS – German Google supporters vandalise homes
  8. FACEBOOK BOOSTS DAILY MAIL – Newspaper web traffic boosted
  9. NAVY CARRIER IN WEB AUCTION – The military version of eBay
  10. OPENING INVITATION– New Wikileaks competitor set up
  11. WORLD’S FIRST ANDROID TV – Google’s Android OS in a TV
  12. GOOGLE TV – Content suppliers causing trouble for Google’s TV project
  13. VIDEO TIMELINE – See video footage from years gone by
  14. COVER STORY – Man of the Year announcements
  15. BING ADDS FACEBOOK ENDORSED RESULTS – Bing links with Facebook
  16. INTERNET RUNNING OUT – IP addresses to run out early this year
  17. WEB SITE TESTING BRANCHES OUT – Split testing websites and beyond
  18. GOOGLE PREVIEWS – Google searches show snapshots of websites
  19. UK SEARCHING OVERSEAS – Search like you’re in a different country
  20. SEARCH ENGINE OF THE MONTH – Find what happened on a specific date

Zen Internet logo This podcast is sponsored and reproduced by kind permission of Zen Internet Limited. The music on the podcast was provided courtesy of Will Tang.

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