The Internet Monthly: November 2009

The Internet Monthly Podcast The Internet Monthly is a monthly podcast featuring 20 or so short Internet related articles, tips and tricks and a regular search engine of the month feature.

In this month’s podcast you can find out how to create a heat map for your Web site and improve the buttons that leave visitors cold, learn why Google wants you to wave goodbye to e-mail and how a keyword catcher that narrows down a trillion search queries can still be free.

You can also learn how you to start your own search engine, or earn a living doing absolutely nothing with a big enough following on Twitter, and the solution to wi-fi hacking in a new coat of paint.

This podcast is derived from a monthly newsletter published by Zen Internet and recorded and produced by Silicon Bay. The podcast is reproduced by kind permission of Zen Internet.

This Month’s Podcast

The Internet Monthly – November 2009:

Or, download: podcast_nov09.mp3 [21’ 39”, 10MB]

This Month’s Articles

This month’s edition of The Internet Monthly podcast contains the following articles. A list of links associated with each article are included for reference:

  1. ZEN HITS SIXTH NUMBER ONE – Six years at the top as best ISP
  2. MOVING TO FASTER BROADBAND – 20 Mbps coming to a town near you
  3. HARRY POTTER OUTDONE BY WINDOWS 7 – Windows 7 pre-orders out sell  Harry Potter on Amazon
  4. UNWANTED VISITORS – On-line shops need to improve to keep visitors
  5. BALANCING BUTTONS – Button makeovers improve web site conversions
  6. CLICK MAPS – Find out where people are clicking on your web site
  7. KEYWORD TRAWLER – Analyse over a trillion keywords
  8. GEO LOCATION – Find geographical coordinates of your location
  9. ZOOMBU – Journey planner for Europe by any means
  10. RUNNING MAPS – Map and measure your jogging and walking
  11. POLLUTION STREET MAPS – Pollution hot spots in your streets
  12. POLLUTION WATCH – Help to map the pollution in your area
  13. ANTI-WIFI PAINT – Protect your valuable data with a coat of paint
  14. APPLE AMBUSH – Apple tackle Microsoft for supremacy
  15. GOOGLE WAVE – Google’s browser-based conversation tool
  16. YOUTUBE PAY PER CLICK – Google makes YouTube pay for itself
  17. TWITTER ADS – Make money while twittering
  18. READERS WRITE – The debate continues
  19. START YOUR OWN SEARCH ENGINE – Become a search engine
  20. SEARCH ENGINE OF THE MONTH – Search for files online

Zen Internet logo This podcast is sponsored and reproduced by kind permission of Zen Internet Limited. The music on the podcast was provided courtesy of Will Tang.

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