The Internet Monthly: October 2011

The Internet Monthly Podcast The Internet Monthly is a monthly podcast featuring 20 or so short Internet related articles, tips and tricks and a regular search engine of the month feature.

In this month’s issue you can find out how to make sure your name won’t be attached to an xxx domain, learn about computerised pot plants and the odd affair of the Minister, his Facebook wall and Jacobaea vulgaris.

You can also hear about ghost-town jibes as Google+ opens to all-comers, road works and holes you can’t fall into by the UK’s leading pavement artist, and ‘font art’.

This podcast is derived from a monthly newsletter published by Zen Internet and recorded and produced by Silicon Bay. The podcast is reproduced by kind permission of Zen Internet.

This Month’s Podcast

The Internet Monthly – October 2011:

Or, download: podcast_oct11.mp3 [21’ 57”, 10MB]

This Month’s Articles

This month’s edition of The Internet Monthly podcast contains the following articles. A list of links associated with each article are included for reference:

  1. SPACE AGE SICK BAY– Real time monitoring of diseases
  2. GAMERS ADVANCE AIDS RESEARCH– Computer models enzymes
  3. WIRELESS TECH TO SOLVE SIDS– Remote monitoring of sleep patterns
  4. MINISTER FACED OFF FACEBOOK– MP backs down on Facebook
  5. AS OTHERS SEE YOU– Search your professional profile as an employer
  6. TRIPLE-X DOMAIN OPT-OUT OFFERED– Protect your modesty
  8. TWEET TRADEMARK BATTLE– “Tweets” in a trademark battle
  9. GOOGLE+ UNLOCKED– Google+ opened to everyone
  10. TUMBLEWEED TALES– Is Google+ really a ghost town?
  11. MANAGING GOOGLE+– How to manage or cancel your Google accounts
  12. GOOGLE DRUGS BUST– Google fined for advertising foreign drugs
  13. COMPUTERISED POT PLANTS– Growing plants the high-tech way
  14. FROM PAPER TO PC– A digital pen to directly capture your creations
  15. FOR ART LOVERS– Pavement art in perspective
  16. SARTALICS– A new font to help express sarcasm in e-mails and texts
  17. HIT SOUNDS FOR EVs– Sound FX for electric cars
  18. A READER WRITES– An earlier version of the PC
  19. SEARCH ENGINE OF THE MONTH– Searching more productively?

Zen Internet logo This podcast is sponsored and reproduced by kind permission of Zen Internet Limited. The music on the podcast was provided courtesy of Will Tang.

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