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Guitar Duo for Pubs & Clubs
RedStick - Guitar Duo
RedStick - Guitar Duo

RedStick were a guitar duo based in Swansea playing in the surrounding areas between September 1996 to September 1998.

RedStick played a selection of music suited to the pub and club environment, catering for a wide range of tastes, ages and styles.

Who Were RedStick?

RedStick comprised Tristan Funnel on vocals and rhythm guitar and Richard Farrar on lead guitar and backing vocals.

Tristan "Guitar!" Funnell (shown on the right) played rhythm guitar and performed the main vocal duties for RedStick. Tristan also played the guitar solos on All Right Now by Free and Purple Rain by Prince. On almost every song where Richard played the guitar solo, Tristan could be heard to shout "Guitar!" just before the solo. As a day job, Tristan is a fully qualified car mechanic and MOT tester.
Tristan Funnell
Tristan Funnell

Richard Farrar
Richard Farrar

Richard Farrar (on the left) played the lead guitar and sang backing vocals. Richard also sang the main vocals on Another Brick In The Wall and Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd. As a day job, Richard is an electronic engineer by trade. In this capacity Richard was responsible for the equipment maintenance, design and set-up for RedStick.

Unfortunately on 23rd July 2000 Richard had a tragic diving accident in his neighbour's swimmingpool, breaking his neck and leaving him paralysed from the neck down. This has unfortunately led to the demise of RedStick, hence the reason for this site.

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Why RedStick?

So what's in a name? Every name has a story, even this one, although not a terribly interesting one perhaps...

While surfing at St. Ives bay in Cornwall one easter, Richard picked up the remains of a small, children's plastic spade, missing the shovel section and proceeded to play with it. This seemed to annoy his travelling companion intensly, so, like a red rag to a bull, this little red stick remained by Richard's side throughout the remainder of the holiday, on walks by the sea, in museums and even in resturants.

Having had his fun, Richard ceremoniously threw away the little red stick at St. Michael's Mount on the homeward bound journey. And this, as they say, is how RedStick got their name.

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