Hi-Fi Digital Radio

Tuner AvantGarde T32R

t32rDuring my time at TAG McLaren Audio I was responsible for the design and development of the T32R tuner; the world’s first hi-fi tuner to incorporate the new DAB standard together with the traditional FM, MW and LW bands, and remote control and RDS / RBDS facilities into a single tuner.

Since its release, the T32R has become a reference standard for DAB and has won numerous industry awards.

[PDF : T32R brochure 2 MB]

Technical Papers

Tuner AvantGarde T32R

A technical paper written while I was at TAG McLaren Audio to describe the inner workings of the T32R in detail.


t32r technical paper
TAG McLaren Audio’s three band tuner has been considered for many years as a standard for high-fidelity radio reception, producing a sound quality almost too good for some of today’s radio broadcasts. But if live concerts are to be heard in an amazingly realistic hall ambience, with the most subtle sounds clearly distinguishable, a TAG McLaren tuner was one of the very few capable of delivering it.

[PDF : Tuner AvantGarde T32R 209 kB]

DAB Antennae and Installation

A technical paper that I wrote while at TAG McLaren Audio to help people understand a little bit more about DAB and its aerial requirements. This paper has since been adopted by commercial digital radio organisations on their websites to explain digital radio antenna requirements to the public.


dab antennae
The release of the TAG McLaren Audio “Tuner AvantGarde T32R” has brought Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) into the realms of true hi-fidelity reproduction. However, in order to fully realise the performance available from this new medium the choice of antenna must be carefully considered.

[PDF : DAB antennae and installation 68 kB]