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  • A Quasi-technical Analysis of the Top Podcasts about PodcastingA Quasi-technical Analysis of the Top Podcasts about Podcasting 14 Apr 2014
    Struggling to work out the best settings for your podcast’s technical production? Ever wondered exactly what the top podcasters are doing and how they compare to each other? Wonder no more!As a little exercise I thought it might [...]
  • Annual Blog Review: Year 6Annual Blog Review: Year 6 15 Mar 2014
    Six years ago to the day I began this blog. So, as is my habit at this time I take the opportunity to review my blog’s progress over the past 12 months and to plan its direction for [...]
  • Top Podcast Directories to Submit Your PodcastTop Podcast Directories to Submit Your Podcast 10 Feb 2014
    Podcasts are increasing in popularity year on year, but if no one knows about your podcast then you’ll never see any of this potential traffic. To increase traffic to your podcast, and consequently the number of downloads that [...]
  • Podcast Skype Interview Guidelines for GuestsPodcast Skype Interview Guidelines for Guests 23 Jan 2014
    Using Skype to conduct remote interviews with guests for your podcast is fairly straightforward and can be remarkably effective. However, due to the potential inexperience of your guests with this sort of procedure the resultant interviews can often [...]
  • Which is the Best MP3 Encoder for Podcasts?Which is the Best MP3 Encoder for Podcasts? 17 Nov 2013
    Amongst the podcasting fraternity the debate over “what is the best MP3 encoder to use for podcasts” has raged for a quite while, although the general consensus seems to have swung in one particular direction. Is this a [...]