1. southofnonorth commented

    Very useful – what I’d like to know is how / who actually adds this info to the file – and how come it’s so inaccurate sometimes (Chieftains as Reggae!!) Is it an automated process or does some jobsworth have to encode it manually?

    • commented

      I’m afraid I don’t know who adds this information to the files, I suspect it varies, but at some point in the chain, someone will have to add this information manually.

      After this, certain programs such as Mp3tag can extract the song information from databases like, although they may get it wrong in the automation process sometimes and try extracting the wrong information.

      You can always edit the tag information yourself with a tag editor if you really feel the need.

  2. Tijsko commented

    I have mp3 files with their respective artwork added but somehow I cannot make itunes show this artwork in my library. Should I still add all artwork manually from different files? I am hoping I can somehow show itunes where to look into the mp3 file to retrieve the artwork part. I just don’t know how to…

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      You can’t actually convert an MP3 to ID3 as an MP3 is an audio file and ID3 are just extra information bits WITHIN the MP3 file. If you want to add ID3 information to an existing MP3 file, then you will need to use an ID3 tag editor like those mentioned above to work on your MP3 file.

  3. Arvindbhargawa commented

    Hello sir I am Arvind bhargawa from Rajathan in India . How can i tell you that how much am i happy today .
    It is very useful for us
    Thanks for great support .
    Your’s loving student

  4. Cornix commented

    Hey there, I got a problem!
    I am composing songs for hobby, I added an Album Art to them.
    Now the Problem: If I send the Song to a friend, the Album Cover of another Album instead of mine shows up in his Player!

    Can you help?

  5. Kenn Beh commented

    How come some pictures of front cover of the tag are displayed in my MP3 player and some are not even when confirmed the file is tagged?

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      Hi Ken,

      That’s a very good question, but unfortunately not easy to answer. Does the artwork appear if you play the file in a different device? Not all players handle artwork in the same way, plus different tags can sometimes be used for adding album artwork. I explain a little more about these sort of problems in another article of mine: Alternative ID3 Tags for Adding Artwork to MP3 Files

  6. Derek commented

    Hi folks

    Where does tag data come from? How come some tracks end up wrongly tagged?

    1) someone has to rip the music in the first place. I use CDEX. It attempts to look up the CD in an online database, such as freedb or musicbrainz, and that’s based on the # of tracks and the track lengths. So sometimes it finds nothing; I have to trpe in track data (which I can upload to freedb afterwards). Sometimes a wrong CD because the lengths are similar – usually it gives a choice and you have to be pretty dumb to pick the wrong one!. Sometimes the track info is wrong because of some lemming who typed the wrong stuff and uploaded it. All of which can end you with the wrong info in your tags.

    2) when you play your track, your player may ignore your album art, and it may go and look up an internet version instead – and that might be different.

    3) maybe you have got album art, track art, composer art, performer art embedded in your tracks. No saying which image your chosen player will display!

  7. Daniel commented

    Hi . A????? trying to build my mp3 player , so how can ???? access the meta data with java

  8. Mal commented

    As a podcaster, how does one get the individual track tags to show as each track is played?
    We have been tagging the mp3 for upload with the tags as you have described elsewhere, but all that gives you is the name of the show etc. We want to display the name/artist of the track being played as it is played. Is that possible?
    For example, on Mixcloud for instance, they allow you to time-stamp the uploaded podcast so that the displayed track list automatically scrolls to the current track being played – be it a music track or spoken word. We would like something such as Windows Media Player to display the current track being heard, rather than just the general podcast name, producer, etc.

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      Hi, An interesting question, but unfortunately I think the problem resides with the playback devices and not your files. You could potentially put a vast array of different ID3 tags in your MP3 files, but very few players (if any) would display them all by default.

      You might be able to change the default of some players so that they display more tags, but on other people’s systems this will be beyond your control. It may be worth experimenting with different tags and different players to see if you can find some commonality. Otherwise I’m not sure what else you can do.


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